Business Card Design Tips

It is important to find the right business card design that suits your nature of business. Colors, images and design placements are all important factors that you need to take careful considerations. Color business card are the most effective and “attention grabbing” compared to the outdated black and white types of cards. However, do not choose colors that are too bright and contrasting, it will be annoying and an eye sore to look at.

Design placements of your important personal and business attributes such as name, phone number, address, email, company’s website address and logo should be arranged and highlighted in the most suitable order for easy referencing. Do not overcrowd your business card with unnecessary attributes to avoid confusions among your contacts. You can refer to our templates if you’re unsure on how to design your business card.

Most often, people tend to ignore the space available at the back of the card. Make use of this space to display additional information for your contacts. It is recommended to leave the back of your business card plain and simple. Some of our suggestions of the content that you can add at the back of the card are brief descriptions of your business, acts as a discount card for your potential customers or you can even design it as a short memo or message space either for your individual usage or for your contact’s reference.

Here, you can download unlimited copies of business card templates. All you need to do is add your personal and business attributes with the use of the design software. You don’t have to be a professional creative designer to do the job, just refer to our tutorial section and you’re good to go. You can either have your own inkjet/laser printer to print your business cards or have an assigned printer to do the job for you. It’s just that simple!

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