Business Card Printing

Online Business Card Printing today is an easy task with thousands of websites that offers business card printing services. To get the best deals, here is what you should lookout for:

  1. Price
  2. Quantity
  3. Digital or Offset printing
  4. Paper stock / material
  5. Colors available
  6. Business card templates
  7. Quality assurance
  8. Shipping
  9. Fast delivery

Compare prices across several different websites that provides business card printing service and pay more attention to the top 5 sites that provide the cheapest service. Then move on to compare other important factors such as quantity of business card.

Do note that you should only print the amount of business cards needed so that when you run out of business cards, you can update the information to keep it up to date or freshen up the design to keep it interesting.

Digital or Offset Printing
The next thing is to find out wheather it is digital or offset printing. Offset printing has an edge over digital printing as in quality of the final outcome. Eventhough digital printing does not outshine offset printing, the outcome is pretty much acceptable and for the right price, why not?

Paper Stock or Material
About business card printing material, choose the paper stock that matches your preference. Most printers will provide you with your choice of paper stock. If you like the feel of silky smooth business card, glossy matte lamination should be the one. Texture business card is for those who prefer clean and elegent style. Be advise that different stock will have different effect on the busines card. If you are unsure, do consult your assigned printer.

Colors Available
Always check for the actual amount of colors being used to print business card. The four main colors in printing is cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK Colors). Most of the time you would see ‘full color printing’ and that phrase refers to CMYK colors. Some prefer colorful business card to make it eye catchy while others prefer single, two or three color business card to match their corporate identity.

Business Card Templates
Most online business card printing websites offers free business card templates. Business card templates tends to save you alot of time and trouble. With a wide variety of design, there is hardly any chance that you can’t find one that you prefer. Also, using business card templates save you not only time and trouble, but money for as well. With the amount saved, i believe you can print another new set of business card.

Quality Assurance
High quality business card printing and paper stock used is always the main ingredient for a ‘long lasting impression’ business card. Though most website claims to have the best quality, it is not easy to determine which has ‘the best’ as claimed. Your only option is to request some sample from a couple of business card printing website and compare the print quality or you can choose to trust a particular website for it’s reputation and feedback. From my research, i found that only a few sites offer the “request some sample” option.

Some online business card printing services does offer free shipping, but ofcourse, you will have to agree to their terms and conditions. If you personally think that the deal is acceptable, go ahead and make your order. There is endless of bargain on the internet so do not rush a decision.

Fast Delivery
The fastest delivery I have seen is 2 days while others promised 3 days onwards. So, it really depends on how fast you need the cards. I would recommend not to rush when printing business card. Take your time to source and minimize the possibility of mistakes. To do so, always check the availability of business card you currently have and order your business card in advance.

If you’re planning to print business card online, follow the guide above to make sure you find the best deal from thousands of business card printing services on the internet.

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